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I am excited you are joining me for the Upcoming Wim Hof Method Program... I am confident that this will be a transformational 

experience for you...

In preparation for your event / workshop, there are some housekeeping items I need you to take care of;

1) Carefully review, and if you have no questions, sign and send back the  liability waiver to If you have ANY questions on this waiver, please address them with me prior to the workshop.


2) Please review the attached Checklist of 'What to Bring' with you on the day of your workshop / event:

3) Please carefully review, sign & return the following Health & Safety Statement to




4) In preparation for your ice bath experience, it is good practice to have had some experience with the cold before hand. I recommend, for a minimum of 7 days, more if you can, end your normal shower with a 30 second cold shower. If necessary, ease yourself into it by starting to let the cold water flow on your legs, then arms, the rest of your body etc. Avoid cold water on your face and head until you have become very experienced at cold showers. If you have any questions on taking cold showers, just drop Mal a note at

5) Finally, if you have not already done so, feel free to review the Worskhop Brochure to give you a general overview of the half day format and what you can expect etc. 

I look forward to meeting you real soon.

Be Happy, Healthy & Strong!



Transforming one life at a time; it's my time to give back to the world...

I now have one integrated, focused, meaningful and passionate mission in life;

"to shift perspectives, so we can all live more authentic, healthful, mindful, meaningful and successful lives; free from the psychological, emotional and physical pain of our stories; and in doing so, becoming Happier, Healthier, Stronger and more Successful versions of ourselves".

Mal (Ice Mal) Jones