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DATELINE: Seattle WA February 2019!

Launching Feb 2019... 

Health & Happiness Walk & Talk, with Ice Mal 

What: Walk & Talk with Ice Mal

Where: Green Lake, Seattle

Meet @ Beach in front of Evans Pool, 7201 E Green Lake Drive, Seattle






                             Evans Pool:                                   Evans Pool Beach:    

When: Every Wednesday & Saturday at 8:59am

Why: To Walk & Talk all things Health & Happiness...

What will we do;

  • Walk Green Lake (2.8 miles)

  • Talk, share, debate, learn!

Optional:​ (After walk)

  • 15-20 minute Breathing / Meditation on Beach

  • Guided Cold Dip into Green Lake

What to Bring;

  • Questions, thoughts, ideas...

  • Knowledge / Experience & your sharing Gene!

  • Enthusiasm & Energy & a sense of humor!

  • Your Friend(s)

  • Your dogs... ALL welcome!

  • Kids in buggies... Teens... whatever!

  • If you plan to meditate or take a lake dip;

    • Towel, bathing suit, enough clothes...etc. (you decide)! ​

Cost: Zero, Zilch, Diddly, Nada, Nothing... or NIL!

(if you wish, donate the cost of a coffee to our Scholarship fund... zero pressure!... I will match every $ with a $!


Registration Process; There are 6 forms that need to be printed, completed & submitted at least a year before your first walk... HA! Kidding... Just Show Up!


My goal is to start a free, easy accessible, social, like minded group of people for sharing health experiences, ideas & more; so we can all become Happier, Healthier & Stronger!

So PLEASE... Spread the word!

Ice Mal 

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Evans Pool Beach.jpg

Transforming one life at a time; it's my time to give back to the world...

I now have one integrated, focused, meaningful and passionate mission in life;

"to shift perspectives, so we can all live more authentic, healthful, mindful, meaningful and successful lives; free from the psychological, emotional and physical pain of our stories; and in doing so, becoming Happier, Healthier, Stronger and more Successful versions of ourselves".

Mal (Ice Mal) Jones