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Join Ice Mal's

20 Day Cold Shower Challenge!

Change your Life, change your Health! 

(Click Image Below to access a printable PDF Version to stick on your fridge!)







Why would I take Cold Showers!

Well here are just some of the benefits!

  • a more efficient cardiovascular system with reduced resting heart rate, blood pressure & greatly improved circulation

  • better stress management

  • better handling of cold / heat

  • reduced inflammation

  • a reset of the immune system

  • increased energy, happiness, vitality & strength

  • Increased cellular metabolism and detoxification

  • creating a positive Hermetic stressor

The cold is a powerful force of nature that can be harnessed to provide profound health benefits!

But is it not dangerous to take cold showers?

You should NEVER try anything new without checking with your doctor first, especially if you have existing health issues. Even if you are healthy, always ease into any new activity. I recommend that you download the FREE Wim Hof Method App onto your phone... Go into the 'Cold' Section and click on 'How to take a cold shower' and watch Wim's 3 minute video on getting started with cold showers...

Cost: Zero, Zilch, Diddly, Nada, Nothing... or NIL!

Registration Process; There are 6 forms that need to be printed, completed & submitted at least a year before your first cold shower... HA! Kidding... Just start now!


My goal is to help you start a habit of taking cold showers, so you can become Happier, Healthier & Stronger!

So PLEASE... Spread the word!

Ice Mal 

20 Day Cold Shower Challenge.JPG

Transforming one life at a time; it's my time to give back to the world...

I now have one integrated, focused, meaningful and passionate mission in life;

"to shift perspectives, so we can all live more authentic, healthful, mindful, meaningful and successful lives; free from the psychological, emotional and physical pain of our stories; and in doing so, becoming Happier, Healthier, Stronger and more Successful versions of ourselves".

Mal (Ice Mal) Jones