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"I coach Entrepreneurs & Business Professionals who seek to improve their health, better manage stress & live a more balanced life of success & significance".

Mal Jones

   Mal's unique, effective & powerful coaching;

  • guides you to re-evaluate & redefine 'success' 

  • provides highly effective stress management tools

  • helps build flow between your career & personal goals

  • guides you through difficult business / career situations

  • identifies & eliminates your limiting beliefs

  • teaches simplistic, yet effective, mindfulness techniques

  • blends in a manageable lifestyle of exercise & nutrition

  • utilizes technology where appropriate & effective

  • helps to simplify your finances & wealth management

  • teaches effective time management tools

  • incorporates critical change management skills

  • Guides your transformation, step by step...

I have reached a very special place in my life; for the very first time, my professional and personal goals are fully aligned! For many years I did not believe this was even possible… Trust me, IT IS!"

Mal Jones

As a seasoned entrepreneur, investor, executive, leader, coach & mentor, with over 25 years’ experience, Mal certainly has all the right acumen as a business & career coach!


However, what makes him unique is, several years ago, faced with an increasing number of physical (chronic pain etc.) & mental (stress, anxiety etc.) health challenges, he embarked on an intense and deeply educational journey, which ultimately resulted in a major transformation in his life. Unusually for an Engineer and Business Graduate, he went back to college & became a Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach; he studied alongside Wim Hof & his team & became a Wim Hof instructor; he studied mindfulness & meditation & now has a very effective daily practice; he has read, and continues to read & study many areas in cutting edge health, such as Epigenetics, the Microbiome, Immunology & more!


This journey has allowed Mal continue to achieve his business, financial & personal goals, while becoming significantly healthier, happier & stronger. He is uniquely positioned to coach you to both professional & personal success & significance, which he believes, are inextricably linked...

'you cannot truly have one without the other!' Mal

Do you want to move your life from success to significance!


Professional Coaching:

With 30+ years as a successful entrepreneur, business leader & investor within his own startups & F100 companies;


Mal has successfully coached many, to navigate for, and achieve success.


His unique, no BS approach, is  both refreshing & practical & you will begin to see positive changes almost immediately.


He will coach you to;


  • redefine success  

  • identify SMART goals & a system to achieve them

  • avoid political minefields

  • map your career timeline

  • do less & achieve more


'Career success is not about working longer hours & harder, its about being selective and saying no more than yes!'


Ice Mal

Health & Wellness Coaching:

Mal, like many others, allowed the 'stress & urgency' of his career & strive for 'success' get in the way of his mental & physical health. It was not until he faced a growing list of ailments, that he had to stop, reassess & change. 


Uniquely, Mal returned to college to study anatomy, physiology & nutrition & has read 100+ health books; all to identify what works best for career minded  people.

He will coach you to;

  • integrate & prioritize health

  • adopt mindfulness/meditation

  • easily incorporate physical activity

  • significantly reduce stress & anxiety


'Our health is not an optional extra for career success, it is the most important factor & we MUST prioritize it everyday'


Ice Mal

Life Coaching:

Mal painfully discovered that we cannot separate our career, family, health, finance & personal goals; we must have a life strategy that integrates them all.


The biggest struggles we face result from the internal conflict between our priorities.


Mal will guide you in looking at  the over arching strategies for success. 


He will coach you to;

  • define balanced 'life' goals
  • optimize your time

  • simplify your finances

  • hire help where needed

  • declutter your mind & life

  • say no more often!


'Life is an incredible gift, we should enjoy every aspect of it, so when we reach the end, we have zero regrets.'


Ice Mal